• Hello! Just wanted to let everyone know that I just recently got married. My new name is Chelsea Householder. My husband & I are working on transtioning our business over to a new name, but in the meantime the current business name will be DJ Chelsea. Please check back for updates on the new name change in the future. Thank you!
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  • Now available! Photo booth. Visit the Contact section to inquire about a Photo Booth for your event.
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  • Check out the Upcoming Events section for events open to the public! 
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  • I happy to announce my new uplighting system! A complete system with 24 lights. Uplighting can add color and depth to an otherwise boring wall. Just adds the touch of elegance you need for any special event Want uplighting for your event? No problem..Just contact me about information & pricing.
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  • Check out my new system and DJ light. I recently upgraded my system to a new Peavey DJ system and purchased a Rotoball light in June 2013. Check out the "My Equipment" section for pictures and video of the new equipment. This system will knock your socks off!!!! 
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  •   Fully Insured






Check out my DJ system

I would like to introduce my upgraded system. Recently I purchased 2 brand new Peavy Black Widow 18" Subwoofer's at 2000 watts each, along with 2 PR15 Peavey speakers that provide professional and clear music for any occasion with a total of 800 Watts output power (400 watts per speaker) . All connected to a brand new Peavey IPR-1600 power amp that boasts 800 watts per channel. This system has really tight, booming bass for your occasion & won't disappoint. Also with my system is a complete Shure wireless microphone system. Excellent mic's for any occasion and sound amazing for Karaoke. Check out the video below to see my DJ system setup with lights and now including a complete 24 uplighting system. 

New Uplighting System

New DJ Light. Introducing the Rotoball!

New Projector and Screen!!! Great for showing music videos & Karaoke.

My DJ system setup with lights!!!